Saturday, April 19, 2014

Polka Dots

It's the weekend baby!
Since I've finished showing you all my outfits from my Austin trip, we're back to regularly scheduled outfit posts. I really like that I've come up with something "different" within this super saturated blog world, and I hope you like it (because I love it!) Outfit details are on the pic & feel free to click on the picture to enlarge it. 

I wore this last weekend to hang out with my sister when the weather was warm & the sun was bright. Today, not so much. #rainraingoaway

xo, Manda

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Lesson in Esteem

I have moods. Don't think I'm being wacko here, but I think it all has to do with the moon (#lunareclipseprobs). Anyway, If I'm not paying attention my emotions will overload and then I have to deal & process with an overwhelming weight of feeling on my shoulders. It usually takes me a good 30 minutes of reading, writing, thinking, and occasionally crying to work through it. One constant in my life from what I can remember is that I value opinions of others much more than my opinion of myself. Events and situations all look the same in the end with the same lesson, because I apparently keep failing this class. Luckily, it's 2014 and the clock struck "Grow the hell up" and I passed. Not with flying colors, so I may need a refresher course down the line, but I PASSED. For everyone in and out my life, thank you for your positivity and your negativity. Thank you for ignoring me, for your harsh words, and your misunderstanding. Thank you for your unconditional love, unwavering belief in me, and your quality time. 

How many times do you have to sit through this course? You are given example upon example of the same scenario, yet you still aren't understanding. Let me try to help you out one more time. 
Remember the time where you did all the work and received no recognition? And the moment all the recognition was yours and no one around you was happy or excited for you? When everything you did right was a strike against a so-called friendship? 

Remember that time you spent worrying about getting somewhere on time because it was really important to a friend? That happened a lot? Well remember how they either were late or didn't show up, and you did not confront or speak up about your disappointment? No? Well how about how you somehow made the situation your fault and invited yourself to a pity party? Is it a little Less foggy now? 

Well, do you remember the time where your feelings were stomped on by not one but every friend around you? How your thoughts were constantly belittled or ignored in discussion? Do you remember how low that made you feel? Because it was in these moments that you fostered and nurtured the belief that you were not good enough and everyone around you seemed to be doing it so much better than you. 

Alright, now what about that time you spoke up. Remember how shocked and "hurt" everyone was? And then do you remember how hurt you were to realize that they did not appreciate your voice? How you suddenly became the issue, the failure? Remember how you true to backtrack but the "damage" was already done? Suddenly, you went from a group to just one? Ahh, now you remember. 

Well let me also remind you of the moments of clarity you had. When you realized how free you felt when you just did things by yourself. When your enjoyment didn't fully rely on someone else's. Or that time you realized the true meaning of deflection, and how everyone around you was seriously a pro at it. Let's not forget the moment where you realized people did not want you to be great. They just didn't. Some still don't. When you realized that you missed out on enjoying all your accomplishments to the full because you were too focused on making the non accomplished and unappreciative happy. The moment you realized the lesson would be one of the hardest to date, and you would theoretically lose a lot if you went through with it. But as you watched them drop like flies, year after year, you realized something... Every year got better, not worse. Those moments where you thought it'd be impossible to not have so-and-so were a distant memory as you made fun, daring, and exciting changes. When speaking up became impossible to ignore; you could no longer just swallow your words or your emotions. When you realized you held all the power all along. You gave them the satisfaction for a while, but it wasn't good enough for them for you to be who you are. 

And you realized you loved who you are, and who you will be, more than anything. I'm glad you remember now. Let's try not to forget again.

xo, Manda

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Lady in Red

Here's my outfit from my last full day in Austin. This skirt was actually a dress I got from the thrift store. It had super-shoulder pads & gaudy gold buttons down the front. But luckily the waist line was elastic and I cut the top of that baby off to make an "accordion"-like midi skirt. Too bad I didn't take pictures of that, that could've been some great DIY content (#oopsmybad). We stayed in an Airbnb rental, and the owner thought it would be a great idea for me to take some shots near the floral goodness in front of the house.

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I also realized you can't get a good glimpse of my shoes, but I'm wearing the black chunky heels from this photo:

Outfit Details:  Top: Crop Top (Arden B.) | Skirt: Thrifted | Shoes: Saige from ShoeDazzle

xo, Manda

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Happy Eats: Austin Recap

I did my best to take pictures of almost every meal I ate in Austin. I missed a few, and that was due to me being hungry & immediately inhaling what was put in front of me. Or in the case of the one bad restaurant experience, it was just too underwhelming to even pull my camera out for. 

Hope you guys enjoy these snapshots of my vacation menu! Look for details below the pictures.

You can't start your morning off without some java...even if it's decaf! Was so excited to have my first iced decaf mocha of the season at Cenote. 

Cenote also has a great menu. I got the breakfast burrito, and yes I ate the entire thing. In one sitting. #imachamp

We stood in line for 4 hours for the most amazing BBQ ever. Brisket, pork, ribs (cow & pork), beans, slaw, sausage...SO GOOD! And the people were so nice! It was definitely an experience, and one I enjoyed. #FranklinBBQ

Because they're worth it. After we stuffed our faces. #stillcute
Check out their blogs: Bree Bianca & Taylor

(Photo taken with Iphone) We also waited in line here(Hopdoddy's), although not for four hours & the service wasnt as great as Franklin's. But the burger was worth it. Reminded me so much of Bobby's Burger Bar in Philly.

 We spent the last evening at Peche. Bascally this place was awesome, the bartender was fun, and it was a great way to end the mini vacay. This was a strong drink,'s absinthe. Please look it up & do not judge me! I believe this particular drink was called 'Death in the Afternoon'. But when I do return to Austin again, I will definitely be coming here to check out the food menu as well.

xo, Manda

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Kimono Bright

Since Saturday's usually involve the most activity when you're on a weekend vacation, I wanted to wear something practical but still stylish. I picked up this kimono at Marshall's about 2 months ago, but the cold temps never got me in the mood to wear it. And if you remember this outfit post, I turned the dress I'm wearing here into a top. Also, I stood in line in these shoes at Franklin BBQ for 4 hours (not to mention we walked almost everywhere as well), so there's that. 

Outfit Details:  Kimono: Marshall's | Dress: LoveCulture | Shoes: Two-Toned Ankle Sandals (Nine West)

xo, Manda

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Link Love #7: Think Dirty

I have only one link to share this week and I think it's cool & informative. You can scratch off some time today because once you get on it, you'll want to go through your entire vanity before you put it down!

An app that tells you every ingredient in your beauty products (even the disclosed ones!) & gives you "cleaner" options. Read about it here!

Let me know if any of you use it, and how your collection rates.

xo, Manda

Happy Eats: Breakfast Smoothie

And we're back!
Wanted to share a super simple recipe that pretty much anyone can do: a smoothie! And the great thing about smoothies is you can have them at any time of the day. Because the prep and "cook" time is so quick, it's always a go to when I'm pushing for time. 

I had some strawberries & bananas that were about to go bad in another couple days and wanted to use them. One thing you can always do to prolong the life of your produce is freeze them! I popped them in the freezer and there is no thawing necessary! You can cut the banana up before you freeze it if you prefer (or just run warm water over it when you take it out of freezer and it should easily cut while still being frozen).


About 2 handfuls of small strawberries, whole & frozen

1 banana, frozen

2 tbsp. honey (or whatever sweetener you prefer)

Grapefruit Juice (If you like tart flavors, you can use more of this)


Optional: Almond Milk (for a more creamy smoothie)

Blender ( I used my trusty Magic Bullet!)


1 & Done: Combine all ingredients and blend!


xo, Manda