Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hello friends! 

I want everyone to know, I am grateful. So grateful for all the many experiences & changes in my life that has led to doors closing (good riddance!) & new journeys. I am so grateful for my life & everyone in it, that I can't accurately express how much even through words. Love is really all we need!

Tis the season…

Thursday, October 30, 2014


In my mind, when I see amazing boots I immediately throw together all the different ways I can wear them. I've been wanting the perfect over the knee boots for a while now, and I've finally found them! I just want to add a little sidenote however, I feel that these boots are one of those things/trends that requires confidence. For some reason, the thought of wearing them with something short (skirt, shorts,dress) freaked me out and I became consumed with styling them in a non-sketchy way. But in reality, it's not really WHAT one wears, but WHO is wearing it. I think that is what makes the biggest difference. 

Anyway, ALDO made this awesome pair & I'm still in love. Prepare to see them throughout this fall/winter season a lot!

Outfit Details: Blazer: Boyfriend Blazer @ H&M | Top: H&M | Shorts: LOFT |Shoes: CONSTANCIO by ALDO | Watch: Armani Exchange

Monday, October 27, 2014

Get Ready With Me | Autumn

I've got another one up! Just as a sidenote, I'm really loving not feeling so much pressure to get everything 100% right. I'm always about authenticity, and I think having had a moment to take a step away from the blog a couple months ago was really good for me. I feel like I'm creating exactly what I want or feel like doing, instead of what is "expected" of a blogger or following some formula. Like these videos; style is my first love, but I'm really into the wonderful world of cosmetics at the moment. So it may seem that there's a lot of that presently, but that's just right now. And that's ok! My life is in transition mode currently, and I've learned through experience not to add any unnecessary stress to my life because transitioning & change is MORE than enough. I say it too much, but I really am grateful for everyone who checks out my blog & even watches my videos. Thank you!

Oh, and if you are liking my videos then you should just subscribe, you know?! :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Life & Style: Back in Philly

These are some extra shots from my visit back to Philly a few weeks ago. 
I can't say it enough (& I'll talk about it in an upcoming video too!) but I truly feel that Philly is where I began to get to know who I was and be COMFORTABLE with what I saw. I learned so much about people, relationships, my career goals, family…everything! It holds a very dear place to my heart, and I will always remember it as a home during a very interesting time in my life. Most of all though, I came out of that chapter with some amazing people I am so glad to call my friends. Here are a few shots (& BB came with me!) of some of my favorite people from my time in Philly. Obviously, this is not everyone in Philly that means something to me. Since I'm so close now, it's going to be great to reconnect with old friends. Spread love today!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Perspective, Perspex-ish heels

This was right before the temperature dropped, so I had to wear a pair of my favorites before I start pairing them with cute socks (why not?). This shirt is one of the softest shirts ever, and although it's sheer it can be a good option for casual, business, or a dressy occasion. 

I have to say, I will be sad when all the blonde/brown is gone from my hair. But I have a feeling it'll be back and more vibrant than ever. I just love the way it looks when I wear it out for #afrolady weekends.

Outfit Details: Top: H&M | Pants: H&M |Shoes: Karmaloop | Handbag: H&M

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Get Ready With Me | Saturday Brunch (Video)

I recorded this video a couple weekends ago. The weather had finally cooled down a bit and I hopped on the chance to get "falled up". The video features the faux fur vest I DIY'ed earlier this year (check it out here). 
Also, I'm still figuring out my new setup with recording in my new place, so just stay with me people! Also, shout out to the Sephora "artist" who was so sure I could use Smashbox in Medium/deep (I used in the video) as a contour powder... #SUPERsideeye. I'll be doing another one of these in about a week, and I found a product from the new Shea Moisture line that is PERFECT. 


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sunny Daze

First, I want to start by saying this dress is top 5 in my wardrobe. I have no shame. I would wear it everyday if I could (I can, but you know...haters). AND it has pockets! It just gets no better. 

I wore it a couple Saturdays ago, and also decided to forego the flat-iron that day... #Afroladyweekend

Outfit Details: Dress: H&M | Shoes: Coach | Handbag: JustFab